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There once was a lady sublime
There once was a boy named McCleary
There once was a man so obese
Consider the case of the man
When Shakespeare decides on a theme
Here's something for you to consider
When flapstories speak, they speak tomes
When flapstories talk, people listen
"One more for the Gipper", said Ronnie
There once was a guy full of beans
Like jellybeans fired from guns,
They say pooches resemble their masters
"When you don't know the answer, ask Dinah",
Clever folks know the right trick
Teacher says "Get a hall pass",
"What's the flap all about?" Those not in the know
It's uncommon to always want more
If ravens and crows weren't so sly
If you ask "What's the point of it all?"
"Don't make me come back there," said Dad
It's ever important to show
Who claims that his pride doesn't matter
Where futures rely on causation
There once was a dog with a bone
Where reality enters TV
"There once was a lady sublime", by charlie, RockLikeSpock

There once was a lady sublime
Who was well-known for taking her time
One day when her feet
Found themselves not so fleet
She became part of Rte. 89!